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The Slasher Nation Facebook community is coming to you in website form.

Join us on Facebook, Twitter & Google+ while the website is being built.

What can you expect from

Slasher Nation aims to bring you everything horror… Especially slasher horror and gore!

The Nation will include horror tournaments of your favorite (or little known) horror, movie reviews, new horror trailers,  lots of low and no-budget indie horror, anything funny that’s horror related, contests and giveaways for free horror pre-release movie screening tickets, Blu-ray and DVD movies, books and horror swag… and more! Have an idea or suggestion? Send us an email!

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If you’re interested in writing for, sign up for the contributor email list to the right and we will send your more information right away! SN writers will be able to earn money by including their own Google AdSense ad code in their profile. The SN website will then automatically display ads for each writer. The more popular you are as a writer, the more money you can make.

Not a  writer, but want to be part of

Slasher Nation also need people who want to help perform administrative type duties, such as: research; contacting various filmmakers, theaters, conventions, festivals, etc.; helping manage social media profiles; growing social media and website following.

If you’re a horror fanatic, but not a writer, sign up for the contributor list and we will send you more information right away!

Donate your Horror to Slasher Nation giveaways!

At Slasher Nation, we support horror of all types, especially Indie horror. If you’re a horror filmmaker, author, game maker, comic book author or musician with horror themed music, send us an email (to the right) and we will help promote your horror with a contest!

Let us know:

  • Your title or titles
  • The format(s) – Example: DVD, Blu-ray, Paperback, eBook
  • The quantity you want to giveaway of each format
  • Where you are willing to ship each item – Example: USA only, UK only, worldwide

We plan for contests to run at least a week each (may be slightly shorter with the site launch) and they will be mentioned on Facebook/Twitter at least once per day. As well, all contests will offer incentives for entrants to share the contest. We haven’t decide yet, but visitors must share the contest on social media before they are allowed enter the contest or they will be given additional entries for each time they share the contest on social networks and bonus entries for the people who sign up through their shares. If this is something that interests you, let me know.

Essentially, will run the contest, then we will let you know where to send a copy of your item when the contest is over.

Have Review Your Horror!

If you are the creator of anything horror, Slasher Nation will be happy to review it on the website! We also ask that you donate a copy for us to giveaway in a contest to the Nation (see above).